Fuel talkfest tightly stage-managed, says Labor


Sir – Data shown at yesterday’s fuel price summit shows prices spiked up and stayed significantly higher post August 2012.
The Government’s carefully stage-managed event did not allow questions or comments from attendees which prompted audience frustration.
Territorians walked away with fewer answers than questions despite data being provided by industry participants.
Despite a doubling of inflation coinciding with price spikes when PowerWater charges were hiked up by the CLP, this impact didn’t get an airing.
The AANT fuel price chart shows a hike post August 2012 – showing the CLP inflation pain felt at all businesses and household.
At the end of this talkfest Labor continues to call for action to help drive prices down.
Labor calls for:-
• a SmartApp allowing consumers to support best price at bowser – active competition,
• fighting the Liberal fuel excise that will increase petrol prices, and
• facilitating greater competition in the market by releasing prime service / commercial sites that were due to go to an expression of interest two months ago.
It’s time to stop the talkfest and get on with action that is practical and puts downward pressure on fuel prices.
Labor stands ready to pursue this with further inquiries but let’s get on with some action with the three simple steps we propose. Unsurprisingly the CLP stage-managed talkfest ignored their own goal of the suggested use of the Price Exploitation Prevention Act.
Delia Lawrie
Leader of the Opposition


  1. Does Delia have to play politics with every issue?
    At least the Giles government is having crack at this and they need to be supported but also held to account on their commitment to take action to drive fuel prices down.
    Delia should be holding the government to account, not trying to blame them for fuel price increases nor coming up with silly proposals like SmartApps.

  2. Not taking sides, but have you ever tried phone a service station and ask what their bowser price is? Never had one give me an answer yet. How can that be “legal”?

  3. Rod, I recently got the Indervon service station to give me an answer on the phone – but not so two of the Shell stations and one of the Caltex.
    Then I looked on-line, and found that the AANT site publishes a really useful up-to-date survey of the main fuel prices at each service station, including the current average price for each of the main fuels. You can check it out at http://www.aant.com.au/Motoring/Fuel/FindCheapFuel/?fuelType=2


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