Kurrupuwu defection dark day for the Territory, Aboriginal people: Anderson


Sir – The decision of fellow MLA, Francis Kurrupuwu, to leave the Palmer United Party and return to the Country Liberals is a dark day for the Territory and Aboriginal people.
This is a sad day – for the Northern Territory, for its Aboriginal people, for the members of our new political group, and for me personally. It is a day that marks a win for manipulation, for lies, for pressure, for dark political techniques.
NT Chief Minister Adam Giles may shake hands with Francis but for him Francis is just a number, a little weapon in his fight to destroy his rivals.
Adam Giles is a weak, insignificant boy in the history of Aboriginal Australia – but he is doing the cause of Aboriginal unity real harm by dividing our political bloc.
I don’t want to say too much about the tactics and the immediate picture today.
The Giles Government is wrecking the NT, and it is determined to weaken the Aboriginal community. And the weak Aborigines are the ones who sit in its ranks.
“The Palmer United Party is the new force in Australian politics and as party members we will be working towards common sense decisions that will benefit all Territorians.
Alison Anderson
Palmer United Party Northern Territory Leader
Member for Namatjira


  1. PUP is yet again the party of complaints, this time the government is accused of creating disunity by dividing the PUP political block.
    Being Aboriginal is not enough to move a political party forward and maintain the loyalty of its members.
    Ideas are needed, positive policies that members can support and most of all leadership, all of which has been missing.

  2. Manipulation, lies, dark political techniques. Anyone could be forgiven for thinking Alison was talking about herself.

  3. Alison, you are powerless, you could have assisted in change and development so much. Who cares what you say and think now. It’s over!

  4. Put your hands up if you are sick of Alison Anderson calling Adam Giles a little boy?!
    It has sort of lost its impact as she uses it so much.
    Time for a new insult Alison if you want to keep being childish.
    If she was attacked in this fashion, she would be the first to cry Racism!

  5. When NT PUP started with three MLAs there was an expectation that they would show leadership on issues relevant to their constituents, These would include:
    Aboriginal education
    Aboriginal health
    Social and economic development on Aboriginal communities
    Regional issues such as a cultural centre
    Law and order and prison issues such as the high rate of Aboriginal imprisonment.
    Land tenure issues
    PUP has been silent on all of them and the silence is deafening. Perhaps Alison needs to join a party where she is not expected to show leadership.

  6. You’ve blown it, Alison – Giles was the way forward, but no, it seems, he could ever meet your demands. And now people in your electorate will suffer, just because YOU were so very, very impatient.


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