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30,000 Territorians not on the electoral roll

Sir – According to ABS estimated population figures there are about 30,000 Territorians who are not on the electoral roll.
The Northern Territory Electoral Commission is undertaking an extensive enrolment campaign in urban and remote areas to improve roll accuracy ahead of the review of electoral boundaries.
Field officers are currently visiting over 100 remote communities, making it convenient for remote electors to be correctly enrolled.
Television advertising and posters displayed on community notice boards are being used to promote the remote enrolment campaign.
Enrolment stalls are also operating at the NT show circuit. The urban enrolment program will begin in late July.
Iain Loganathan
NT Electoral Commissioner


  1. Now there’s an election to be won right there, Clive. Just have to get out of that big jet plane and start door knocking or get Eli and co to drive around in that new flash car.


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