The Horror comes to cinema, live & on screen


Be scared, be very afraid: Today is Friday the 13th AND full moon. It won’t happen again until 2049.
Trasharama a-go-go, an Australian short film festival, now in it’s 15th year, comes to the Northern Territory for the first time. It is showing in the Alice Cinema.
Local gore-grind band, The Horror, are performing, continuing the cinema’s new trend towards live shows with its screenings.
A filmclip for The Horror’s track ‘MutilatedMemories’, directed by local music identity Pirate, will be screened.
PICTURED are The Horror band members Jo, Junt, Tully and Munts with mascot and undead cheerleader, Sindee, AKA Corinna Carey. See them and go for a prize for the worst dressed – and get scared.
PHOTO: Oliver Eclipse.


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