Jurrah: gaol, rehab and banned from Alice


When former football star Liam Jurrah gets out of gaol for assaulting his wife, he will have to undergo drug and alcohol rehab, and for 12 months will be banned from consuming drugs and alcohol, will not be allowed to leave the Territory without permission but will also not be allowed to come into Alice Springs except for a personal medical or dental emergency.
Jurrah contravened a domestic violence order protecting his wife and assaulted her after he got drunk following the grand final of the Easter football carnival.
In the Alice Springs Magistrates Court yesterday he was sentenced to five months, backdated to 21 April when he was arrested. The term will be suspended after he serves three months with a 12-month good behaviour operational period. If he commits any further offences in that time he will have to serve the rest of the sentence.
Jurrah served time last year for an assault on a woman and yesterday was also found to have breached the good behaviour order attached to the sentence for that offence. He had served three months out of six; the suspended three months has now been restored but will be served concurrently. Jurrah was also fined for driving in the NT when he is banned from driving in another state.
As reported by the ABC, Magistrate David Bamber criticized the football community for continuing to support a man who assaulted women. The Tiwi Bombers have apparently said they will employ Jurrah when he gets out of gaol.
From our archive: Liam Jurrah not guilty, our coverage of the March, 2013 trial when he was found not guilty of causing serious harm to his cousin.
In Griffith REVIEW #41, Kieran Finnane’s reportage, Warlpiri versus the Queen.


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