Will town council kill Anzac parade?


It will be a loss to us all if short-sightedness on the part of the Alice Springs Town Council means we can no longer have a Bangtail Muster or an Anzac Parade.
Admittedly we have had many parades in years past, and Council might not be expected to continue supporting them all. But are the directors throwing the baby out with the bathwater here?
The Henley on Todd takes place in the river. It does not depend on a parade. Although many have enjoyed it in the past, their parade does need Council support.
The Alice Desert Festival is held all over town for weeks on end, and while a parade can kick things off, opening night manages to do that quite nicely on its own. If the Festival wants one, it could also fund its own parade.
But the Anzac Parade? Does Council really want to be known for not supporting an Anzac Day parade? I reckon that would make our Council unique across Australia.
And then there is the Bangtail Muster. This has only ever been a parade, a one-of-its-kind home-grown event whose very name resonates with local grazier history. It has always taken place along our central avenue, even if the route in recent years has been much shortened.
One of its central features, if not the central feature, is the schools’ floats. Will Council really not support this parade to the tune of at least providing the signs it already owns (this would cost them money?) and encouraging council staff who might, if asked, be willing to donate their time?
And if the planned march is the same from year to year with only the date changing, why charge for a new plan every year when the date can be changed with a click of the mouse. Use your computers. We bought them for you.
So with many I say come on you well-paid (with our rates) bureaucrats. We support you. Now how about you supporting us?
And Councillors, the directors answer to you. They say so often enough. Well?


  1. No ANZAC Parade!! For Shame! Lest we forget those gallant troops that fought and died at Gallipoli, Tobruk and other theaters of war. NO Bangtail Muster either … FOR SHAME.


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