Study of development needs to report by November


Sir – The Northern Territory Government has this week awarded a $1.19 million contract to GHD Pty Ltd to undertake a regional infrastructure study supporting economic development across regional and remote parts of the Northern Territory over the next 30 years.
The study will result in a plan by November this year dealing with future resource, tourism, agriculture and the fisheries sectors and developing regional communities.
The study will identify transport infrastructure needs including roads, bridges, ports, rail and aerodromes; utilities including power, water, waste water, telecommunications; and general community infrastructure (housing, schools, health centres, trade training centres).
The Department of Transport led study is jointly funded by the Australian and Northern Territory Government.
Key players such as the Minerals Council of Australia, Local Government Association of the NT, Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association, Northern Land Council, Central Land Council, NT Cattlemen’s Association, Chamber of Commerce and Regional Development Australia will be closely involved in informing the final plan.
Peter Styles
Minister for Infrastructure (pictured)


  1. Oh how Governments love to spend our money.
    Anyone living in the Territory prior to the last shower of rain could tell them what is required to keep the place moving without wasting big bucks obtaining more reports to gather dust in lost corners of excess office space.

  2. Perhaps there should be a review and public discussion of the previous “Regional Infrastructure Plans” and what became of them.


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