Alice grog source for huge region


ALCOHOL WATCH # 11 by Russell Guy.
Alice Springs will continue as the supply centre for an enormous region, assisted by the Coober Pedy ID requirements and to a smaller extent by the Tennant Creek Licensees Accord.
Nice reputation to have Councilors and on your watch, Mr Mayor!  Those who say “they’ll get the grog no matter what” had best contemplate Alice’s contribution to grog-running as the only non-ID source in the region.
The NTG has released figures relating to alcohol consumption, with the Chief Minister again justifying his government’s election promise of scrapping of the Banned Drinkers Register (BDR).
The figures are based on Darwin and regional towns, but out bush where the roadhouses have it, the culture of seven days a week takeaway sustains the Chief Minister’s stated “core value” as part of NT culture, while creating intergenerational alcoholism and perpetuating racism.
These are among the downsides around which he has designed policies exempt from specialist advice.
Ironically, it was the bush swing that put the NTG in power, but there are no police officers stationed outside roadhouses.  Tourists and others are expected to turn a blind eye.
Terms of reference for the Federal Government inquiry into the harmful use of alcohol in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities have been released.
Chairwoman Dr Sharman Stone said: “We know that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are more likely to abstain from alcohol than non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. However we are concerned that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, who do consume alcohol, drink at riskier levels which have a greater impact on their health.
“Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are between four and five times more likely to be hospitalised, and between five and eight times more likely to die as a result of harmful alcohol use.  We wish to hear from specialists and communities about what is working and why and submissions are now being called for.”
The Committee will inquire into and report on:-
• Patterns of supply of, and demand for alcohol.
• The social and economic determinants of harmful alcohol use.
• Trends and prevalence of alcohol related harm, including alcohol-fuelled violence and impacts on newborns.
• The implications of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.
• Best practice treatments and support, strategies to minimise alcohol misuse and identification to include international and domestic comparisons.
The Committee invites submissions to the inquiry by Friday, April 14, 2014.
PHOTO: Confiscated grog, some decanted into soft drink bottles.


  1. Commonwealth’s racist approach to policy and/or public relations :
    “Terms of reference for the Federal Government inquiry into the harmful use of alcohol in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities have been released.”
    IF Commonwealth not promoting racism should read:-
    Terms of reference for the Federal Government inquiry into the harmful use of alcohol in Australian communities have been released… ”
    Alcohol problems exist throughout Australian community, particularly with youth.

  2. Pretty quick to call the race card. Full marks to Scullion for announcing the enquiry into the grog culture throughout the country, I think that is badly needed, however the government felt they had to prioritise the problems.
    There is a problem across the country, but it is chronic in Aboriginal communities especially, so much like a nurse will triage patients according to who needs help first, it seems to me that this is what happened in this case.
    I hope it extends to all of society after this initial one is complete. Why is everybody so keen to scream racist, before looking at reasons or getting the facts.
    To me racism is the Goolagong Cawley tennis workshops that were open to all kids between 5 and 15, provided they are indigenous.
    Try explaining that to an 8 year old who’s indigenous friend can go, but she is turned away, essentially because she is white.
    Would have been better to me that all kids be encouraged to play together, and show that success comes down to effort, regardless of colour.

  3. I see people staggering out of the pubs at 2pm or earlier. The pubs are exploiting people on a daily basis who have alcohol problems by feeding them grog and causing more problems than they already have. Most of the people who are on Centrelink benefits are now unemployable due to their alcohol addiction.


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