Councillors to have greater role in town planning


The Town Council has formed a committee that will deal with planning issues before council submissions are made to the Development Consent Authority (DCA).
Previously this was a role for council officers. The role of the elected members was limited, and the DCA had, in a number of cases, already made a determination before the members became involved.
“In some cases, the timing of the DCA and council meetings meant that the elected members were not always able to comment,” says Council CEO Rex Mooney.
“The new committee will include all eight councillors and the Mayor, and will be meeting in open forum – the public can be present.
 The council comments on general planning issues, but particularly needs to be consulted on stormwater, drainage and road matters.”
The Development Committee’s function is “to provide the direction of Council with respect to development applications before the Development Consent Authority,” according to the resolution establishing the committee.


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