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Cr Paech: Alice needs boost not blame from Giles

Sir – The Chief Minister and Central Australian MLAS should stop the blame game and put some real plans in place to stimulate economic and social development in Alice Springs.
I am very disappointed to see Chief Minister Adam Giles blaming local industry for the lack of economic development in Central Australia.
The Chief Minister is reported as saying local industry wants the government to pay for everything, an extraordinary slap in the face to our local builders and tradies.
The Chief Minister and the Treasurer had the same extraordinary message to Council when we met prior to Christmas.
When local councillors tried to tell him the town was suffering economically and socially and needed Government stimulus to promote private investment, we were told to wait until the election was closer and we would benefit from pork barrelling.
Adam Giles has his head in the Todd River sand and is refusing to listen to local representatives and industry leaders who have been trying to tell him that Alice Springs is hurting and needs a boost from Government.
We look to Government for vision, plans for the future and investment in community infrastructure.
Mr Giles says our economic development will be driven by the construction industry but we now have only 33 blocks up at Kilgariff and no idea when houses will be built.
I want to see the Government working with local representative groups such as the Town Council and the Chamber of Commerce to get some real plans in place for the future of Alice.
There are plenty of good ideas out there and the will to get things done from the private sector. But we need the backing of Government to get things moving.
If Mr Giles really does care about his home town he will work with Council and the wider community, stop the blame game, and give some recognition and backing to Alice Springs.
Chansey Paech 
Alice Springs Town Councillor
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  1. I would have thought that this type of opinion would be better issued by the Mayor. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I never thought councilors would be authorized to make comment on issues pertaining to dealings between our council as a whole, and our current government.
    I would have thought these comments would be best coming from Damien, if all councilors had agreed on informing us of this situation.

  2. It should also be disclosed that Mr Paech is an adviser to an NT Labor Senator (but he is certainly entitled to state his OWN opinion/s).
    [ED – Cr Paech has confirmed to the Alice Springs News Online that he is a paid adviser to Labor Senator Nova Peris.]

  3. Just to address the concerns raised below. Firstly, these comments were raised in my capacity as an Alice Springs Town councillor, not as an employee of Senator Nova Peris.
    As an elected member I have always said I will stand up for Alice Springs – that is why I stood for council. I have been approached by many local businesses who have told me they are hurting and they are appalled at the lack of interest and action from the NT Government.
    The Chief Minister and Treasurer’s refusal to address the council’s concerns about the lack of development in Alice Springs concerns me as a councillor and as a resident. I won’t be gagged on speaking up about issues that affect my town because some people don’t agree with my personal politics.

  4. I was not saying anybody should be gagged, but council should be seen as a united body, lead by the Mayor, who has proven himself to be a popular and able leader, simply by the fact that he has been in that role for years, not just 1 term. I would have thought that a councilor should be impartial to State Politics, unfortunately due to his employment, it cannot be said that Cr. Paech is impartial. Stand up for Alice Springs, but do it within chambers as part of a team.
    The correct person to raise this type of concern I would have thought would be the Shadow Minister for Central Australia.
    The editor notes your are entitled to your own opinions, however by signing your letter as an Alice Springs Town Councillor, it is not a personal opinion. This to me signifies disunity within the council, and lack of respect to the Mayor and other elected Councillors. I hope that in the future, due process is followed and these types of comments are released by the Mayor, or CEO, and not used as grandstanding to advance political ambitions.

  5. So should all the CLP affiliated councilors state their allegiance whenever they raise issues. Which, apart from Cr Brown, isn’t that often. Or do different rules apply to those who are Labor affiliated and those who are CLP affiliated?
    I expect our elected reps to speak up in the best interests of our town, no matter what their political affiliations. I don’t always agree with Cr Brown, or Cr Paech, but they are doing their jobs by lobbying and speaking up about important issues.
    Adam Giles has arrogantly turned off to Alice. We are hurting socially and economically with crime out of control, kids wandering suburban streets causing mayhem and drunks everywhere.
    There are no major projects and I expect my local elected reps to take this up to Govt.
    Cr Paech’s comments were echoed by the Chamber of Commerce and many others. Well done to our young councilor and others who speak up in defence of our town. God knows the government isn’t.


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