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Holiday makers spend more in 2013, still below 5 year peak

Estimated expenditure of holiday makers in Alice Springs and Central Australia increased from 2012 to 2013 but is still below the five year peak of 2010. The figures come from Tourism NT.
A spokesman says: “We use multiple sources of information to help understand the effect of our marketing strategy.
“The upturn follows the change in strategy and the arrival of Tiger and Jetstar into the wider region.
“Combining this data with recent industry September quarter sentiment scores that are showing a more positive outcome than average for operators, we can see a positive effect in general for The Centre.
“We continue to monitor this closely and across all sectors as we are aware that this information doesn’t’ necessarily reflect the results of all operators and there is still more work to do to ensure Central Australia is seeing growth on growth, and not just a spike from recent capacity and marketing spend growth.”
[Disclaimer by Tourism NT: The figures are estimates based on Tourism Research Australia National & International Visitor Surveys received by Tourism NT. The holiday expenditure figures calculated are also estimated based on the average percentage of holiday visitors vs total visitors and then applied to total visitor expenditure figures. This information is only valid for indicative trend analysis.]


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