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Another reason to love Alice

Sir – On Saturday night I underwent emergency surgery to remove a seriously infected gall bladder at Alice Springs Base Hospital.
I am now writing this letter from the comfort of my home four days later.
I am in no pain, I have an effusive sense of well-being and if there is any discomfort it would be the regret that my gall bladder and I didn’t part company much sooner.
Over the last two years I’ve made countless trips to Sydney and regional NSW hospitals to visit relative and friends.
Be very clear about this, fellow Central Australians: When in pain catch a plane – only make it to Alice Springs.
The standard of surgery and post-operative care far exceeds that I have observed in NSW.
I would like to express my enormous gratitude to Dr Jacobs and his surgical and post-operative team.
Tim Rickards
Alice Springs


  1. After hearing you play Summertime on 30/7/16 @ Lorraines I was further reminded of your amazing survival talents following the loss of your gall bladder.
    Fortunately your musical talents were not reduced, do we thank Gaiea? I think so. Long life Tim, Mick.


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