Aborigines should be free to use their land for creating jobs


Sir –  The Opposition Leader should explain what she has against Aboriginal people using their land to create jobs. [This issue was raised by the Alice Springs News Online on November 4.]
Labor’s attitude to our negotiations with the Tiwi people has proven once again why nothing happened in Indigenous communities during its 11 years in government.
For too many years Labor has funneled money and energy into tackling the social problems facing our remote communities without addressing the root cause – a lack of economic opportunity. We want to change that.
Labor simply cannot grasp the concept that people are willing and wanting to see their land used appropriately for economic advantage.
The Government has begun talking to a range of communities about a new approach which promotes jobs over sit-down money through the granting of long term leases.
The Tiwi Islands are the first place to take up this conversation about financial independence. I will be traveling there in the coming weeks to sign a Memorandum of Understanding where both sides agree to work towards a lease arrangement.
The Tiwi Land Council is the only body legislated to act on behalf of Traditional Owners and they are facilitating all consultation and negotiations going forward.
The Local Member for Arafura, Francis Kurrupuwu, has also been heavily involved in our talks. The Tiwi people have an open attitude to development and are talking with government about the kind of projects they would like to see on their land. They are active partners in this push to create jobs.
Adam Giles
Chief Minister
November 25 2013
CLP pursues Tiwi Islands land grab


  1. By all means Aboriginal people should be free to use their land to create jobs but why should the government hand over large sums of money to facilitate this?

  2. Of course Aboriginal people should be free to use their land. What Mr Giles seems unable to grasp is that this land is communally, not individually, owned. So it is not up to one or two of his mates to decide what happens to this land – its up to everyone who has a stake in that land to decide.
    If everyone involved on the Tiwis is happy with this approach Mr Giles why is there a petition from senior TOs saying they know nothing about your plans for their land?
    And as an NT taxpayer I’d like to know where and how you are spending my money on this deal.
    If you are open and transparent about what’s going on here, how you are spending our money, and being upfront and fair about the process, everyone wins. Not just your mates.

  3. Melanie Ross Posted November 27, 2013 at 9:54 am.
    Please read: Bush Teacher Posted November 26, 2013 at 3:24 pm.
    Why is the NT government spending ANY public money on these PRIVATE land developments ?
    Where the NT obtains reasonable price and term leases, then spending some public monies can be considered, until then none.

  4. Labor, Labor, Labor. Mr Giles you are not in opposition any more. Here is your chance to run a government.
    All we have seen and heard is party infighting, inflated egos and the continuing blame of the past. You and your government are under-performing and well on its way to being a one term wonder. Let’s just hope you don’t do too much damage before you leave us with your tail between your legs.

  5. @ Melanie Ross. Your comment is the issue. Land should be owned by individuals. Community participation is the reason why there is no fundamental progress or empowerment.
    As stated in another article here a comment from Sasha land councils have ultimate control over all land so screaming from the mountain tops this is aboriginal land is wasted breath.
    TO have not had control over their lands for almost 40 years. That right was removed by land councils.
    Acting as guardians to encourage financial and economic growth for aboriginal has evolved into building dependent and helplessness devoid of pride and independence.
    As Sasha stated in another article existing off the crumbs throw by land councils.

  6. Why should aboriginals be allowed to use their land to create employment? This had better be nipped in the bud because we good decent white folk just cannot under any circumstances let it be seen that these indigenous people can actually manage their own affairs.
    Just think how many of us white folk would be out of work and heaven forbid there may even be a chain reaction and dependance on alcohol may reduce and some of those poor police and prison guards may find themselves out of work. No, don’t let it happen.


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