Imparja board gets legal advice on CEO after escort agency bid


The Aboriginal owned TV station Imparja in Alice Springs is seeking legal advice on “the personal business activities of Imparja CEO Alistair Feehan,” according Chairman Michael Griffin.
The Alice Springs News Online broke the story that Mr Feehan (pictured) is one of five directors of a company which sought to set up an escort agency in Alice Springs.
“The Board of Directors will be making no further comment on the issue until the legal advice has been received and discussed,” says Mr Griffin.
Mr Feehan told the Alice Springs News Online that he had no knowledge of the matter and would not make any comment.


  1. I am perplexed at all the concern in relation to this proposed escort agency.
    If an escort agencies meet planning laws and are legal then I fail to see the issue. It is another matter if impropriety is involved in attempting to have the application approved or if there is a definite conflict of interest involved.
    If so I would agree there is cause for concern. If the business is legal the nature of the business is irrelevant.
    One could argue a licensed premises has a far greater detrimental effect on a community than escort agencies.
    Is gambling not a greater destroyer of lives however, it is legal and lauded by many.
    When I read of such concerns the word hypocritical springs to mind. Maybe just maybe a licensed escort agency may serve a very useful purpose.
    I am sure we have all heard of the sad stories and perils of such establishments and how they can lure young girls into a life they may not have willing participated in if not for vulnerability.
    There is many truths to such stories. There are also many stories of well run businesses who treat their staff well.
    However, to those who oppose such venues purely on prudish assumptions claiming the social fabric of the community will go to hell in a hand basket may wish to remind themselves of the many failings each communities has for which are sanctioned or dismissed as part of life.
    How is one vice any worse than another?

  2. ‘Businessmen’ making money out of prostitution – in my day they were called pimps.
    And his employers, Imparja Television, should and have a right to be asking questions on behalf of their shareholders about whether his outside business interests impact on the reputation of the company.
    Having one of our major media outlets involved in the sex industry through its CEO raises a lot of issues.

  3. It’s worth remembering that ex-Cr Booth was an owner of clubs and a player in the alcohol industry in Alice Springs at the time of his election to Council.
    Are Imparja’s hands squeaky clean when it comes to accepting revenue from advertising alcohol?
    And which industry, sex or grog, has the most to answer for in Alice Springs?

  4. No parent wants their child to become a sex worker, ever!
    It is for this reason that the “Family Values” that Mr Booth misrepresented left us feeling like we were so betrayed as a people.
    If Imparja has something in their constitution about similar values and morals.
    If they do not, they may decide that they do not want such a man involved and move to introduce a policy and ask him to step down.
    This isn’t just about what is legally enforceable.
    Morals and ethics are often not enforceable in law.

  5. Yikes … someone give the man a big fluffy jacket, a funky hat and a cane.
    Just like Booth this chap made a major error in judgement.
    On a commercial level probably not much wrong really, but on a moral level it’s got lumps on it.
    People do make stupid decisions sometimes. This was right up there with the best.


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