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Open speed limit: more 'secret' reports

Sir – The Territory Government had commissioned a fourth report into its broken election promise to bring back open speed limits on some stretches of Territory highways.
It is sitting on three reports into speed limits and has not released any.
Adam Giles and the CLP have gone report shopping and have even commissioned a fourth report into speed limits.
I believe they have already spent over $100,000 at taxpayers’ expense on reports to date. What is the cost of these reports and why have they commissioned a fourth?
In what is becoming a hallmark of this chaotic and dysfunctional CLP Government, decisions get made behind closed doors.
The public deserves to know the contents of these secret reports so Territorians can see the expert advice being given to government.
Gerry McCarthy
Shadow Minister for Transport


  1. Perhaps the Legislative Assembly should order such reports, with the Legislative Assembly requiring they be tabled for discussion.
    A Legislative Assembly committee can ensure privacy, where essential, is maintained, with remainder released for public discussion.


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