Let's think globally and act locally on climate change


Sir – Hello from Yuendumu. In recent correspondence you advised that your interest was more local than global. I recall an expression: “Think Global, Act Local.”
So in this week when a climate report urges governments to redouble there efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions it seems fair to ask, what if anything does the new government policy mean for Central Australia?
I understand the policy is called direct action but the only action we know about is legislation to make gas exploration easier and coal burning cheaper. Both point to higher emissions.
If we are to have direct action I will suggest more dispersed solar generated electricity and a network of electric vehicle charging stations. If there is one thing we have an abundance of here it is sun so why not use it and stop complaining about expensive petrol and diesel.
I trust you will ask some hard questions about this global issue that has significant local implications.
Richard Bentley
Alice Springs


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