Crime drops as super sleuth car hits beat


Sir – Figures from the June quarter this year show a 40% reduction in house break-ins, a 50% drop in commercial break-ins and a 43% fall in motor vehicle thefts, compared to the same quarter in 2012.
[I also welcome] the arrival of a new hi-tech traffic vehicle and the roll-out of iPads to police on the beat in Alice Springs.
Tango 214 is a state of the art police vehicle fitted with an in-car computer and video system, a next G and satellite connection, and an Automated Number Plate Recognition system.
This system can read the number plates of passing vehicles while stationary or patrolling, alerting police to unregistered vehicles or to drivers who are wanted on a warrant.
Alice Springs police officers are also being issued with new iPad technology. There will be eight iPads for use by regular Alice Springs patrols and two mini iPads for use by the motorbike patrols within the Public Order Unit.
This allows police to stay out on the beat fighting crime instead of spending time getting radio support or returning to the station to do checks.
Adam Giles
Chief Minister


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