Taxpayers’ money burnt in failed Centre carbon farm


Sir – The Federal Labor Government has wasted $9m of taxpayers’ money by giving it to a private company to buy Henbury Station which has now gone into receivership.
This whole process has been another big mess under Labor who gave the money under the Carbon Farming Initiative for a project that did not meet the Government’s own guidelines.
They said it was to demonstrate a sustainable basis for carbon farming. Member for Lingiari Warren Snowdon said the Henbury plan “was a great first step for the Australian Government’s Carbon Farming Initiative”.
It turns out Snowdon’s first step was the last step. It was wrong from the start and it has turned into another expensive Labor failed experiment.
Tony Burke, when he was Environment Minister, succumbed to direct personal lobbying to ignore his own guidelines.  He then turned it into a PR stunt.  The only outcome was the loss of a productive cattle station.
Nigel Scullion (pictured)
Country Liberals Senator for the Northern Territory


  1. Governments, especially Federal Governments are excellent at squandering our hard earned taxes on hair-brained ideas like the Henbury carbon sink. It’s as if they have absolutely no regard for the effort we put into trying to raise our kids, pay off mortgages, and set ourselves up for retirement.
    And when they want more cash, they just slap another tax on us. If a commercial business ran its affairs in the same way governments do, we would all be destitute.
    It’s not the first time the Federal Government has turned a functional cattle station into a block of useless land. Let’s hope it’s the last.


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