6% town council rate rise proposed


Alice Springs town council rates are proposed to go up 6%, lower than last year’s rise which was 7%.
The proposed minimum rate is $1083.
Rates would raise $18m of the projected 2013/14 Budget of $28.9m.
The rest would come from grants, including the Federal Assistance Grant.
Proposed main expenses are $3.94m for capital works, $1.8m for sporting facilities, $1.2m for parks and reserves, $1.7m for roads and $1.4m for the library of which the NT Government will contribute $572,000.
The Draft Budget will now be before the public for comment for 21 days.
Mayor Damien Ryan says reasons for the proposed increases are sharply higher power, water and sewage costs as well as the carbon tax – $80,000 this year – which had not been expected before 2017.
The council will be running the aquatic and leisure centre from July 1, but the charges are not proposed to go up in 2013/14.
The Municipal Plan released this morning shows steep expenditure increases in the forward budgets, about 25% by 2016-17, to $35.8m.
Asked whether that indicated deferral of major expenditures Mayor Ryan said: “Let’s look at this year. This year we are discussing a 6% rate revenue. That’s what we are discussing. Nothing is deferred at all. What’s probably deferred is the $100m worth of wish list.”
Photo: Mayor Damien Ryan at this morning’s announcement to the media of the proposed 2013/14 town council budget.


  1. With businesses (and many individuals) doing it tough now is the time for moderation. No new capital projects! No rate increases beyond (local, not Darwin) CPI. When I look at the Mall “development” I simply shake my head and ask “Why?”.
    The $$ may come from the NTG but isn’t it our money that could have gone to better use?
    One of the major problems in this town is the ratepayer base is too small for the number of residents and visitors.

  2. It is about time the ASTC stops spending money on things which are not necessary, eg. the railway pass-over at the entry of the Gap, the roundabouts which are too narrow, and many little cement isles to reduce a two lane traffic into one only creating traffic jams.
    Signs, so many signs and regulations to tell how to drive and not to drive, where to park and not to park, and who parks where – a bit of common sense, and freedom to use it, will be very welcome in this town.
    The ASTC should not increase the rates but decrease their expenditure.
    Oh, and the major works on the Mall – still waiting to see how the traffic in 1/2 the Mall / Todd Street will increase and revive small business.
    In the meantime we are still not having a recycling collection plan.

  3. @1 Maya, I sense and share your frustrations! Rules and signage are what councils do best! We are governed by committees that justify their existence by dreaming up yet more rules! As for that CRAZY railway crossing at the Gap, I’m sure it’s to make it easy to push the slabs of beer from the Heavitree Tavern back to the Town Camp using the Coles’ trolley. Either that or it’s a suicide ramp down into the path of a roadtrain …
    Who dreams up these projects with our $$?

  4. If the carbon tax gets scrapped after the next national election, can ratepayers expect a refund on that part of the rate rise that is being brought in to compensate Council for $80,000 (?) cost of the carbon tax to Council?
    In response to Maya Cifali’s statements / questions about our roads and all the road rules: The current regime in Council, and I’m not referring to the elected members, has us all riding on rails. It’s a control issue, and maybe it’s a good thing. Then again, maybe it’s not. Does anyone remember being consulted?
    I do remember a highly contentious roundabout proposed for the intersection of Sturt Tce and Undoolya Rd and a Wombat crossing proposed for Bath St between Yeperenye and Coles shopping centres being pushed hard by Council officers, and then both going on hold due to public protest.
    Will they come back? From watching the officers operate, I know they do not like being stymied.


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