LETTER: Free WiFi in Todd Mall


Sir – Visitors to the Todd Mall could now access a total of three hours free WiFi over a 24 hour period, with a maximum of 200MB download available from any Wi-Fi enabled web browsing device.
More than 50% of domestic visitors use the internet to book tourism products, so free WiFi will encourage people visiting the Mall to book tours and email their family and friends back home about all the things they’ve seen and done in the Territory.
The public WiFi is anchored in Tourism NT’s new headquarters in Jalistan House and will also provide coverage in the new visitor information centre.
The service will include a ‘Welcome to Alice Springs’ homepage that directly links users to information about Central Australian destinations, tours and accommodation.
The network cost $84,227 including two years of operational costs, which is being met within Tourism NT’s existing budget. Alice Springs Town Council is also funding half the operational costs over the first two years of operation.
Matt Conlan
Minister for Tourism


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