LETTER: Chief Minister summarises initiatives


Sir – We are taking direct action to increase the supply of affordable housing in the Northern Territory by building 2000 new affordable homes through our Real Housing for Growth project.
We’re streamlining the planning process for developers and reviewing every piece of government owned land to increase the supply of new sites for residential development.
We’re strengthening law and order by putting 120 extra police on the beat. We’ve also made the Alice Springs Police Station a 24 hour police station and brought back the quarterly crime statistics.
We will be making an announcement very soon about our extensive alcohol rehabilitation policy. We’re undertaking the biggest health reforms in the history of the Territory with our roll out of the New Service Framework which will see decision making transferred to the grass roots.
We will shortly introduce our youth boot camp program for juvenile offenders after extensive community consultations and we are protecting Territorians through the introduction of tougher laws like the Assault on Workers and Serious Sex Offenders Acts.
The Sentenced to a Job Program is underway to help address the Territory’s horrendously high recidivism rate.
We are reforming local government, and will launch a new effective and connected Regional Development Framework on May 2 and we’ve implemented a standalone Office of Women’s Advancement.
We are revamping our tourism industry and have recently announced an innovative partnership between Tourism NT and the Melbourne Football Club which will see the Northern Territory “brand” and brolga splashed across television screens around the country during football matches.
We’ve rolled out our highly successful Sports Vouchers scheme which has seen a significant increase in junior participation in sport, helping to keep our children fit and healthy.
We are building on our relationship with Indonesia and addressing issues with the live export trade by funding a Live Animal Market Development unit to increase our efforts in this area and focus on emerging markets.
We are streamlining our mining authorisation process and strengthening our environmental standards to facilitate new mines opening.
We’re cutting red tape for businesses and focusing on real outcomes in education. We’ve opened the Motor Vehicle Registries on Saturdays and increased online services to cut down on queues.
We’re duplicating Lee Point road and we’re committed to supporting jobs for small businesses and tradies through ramping up the repairs and maintenance budget by an extra $100 million over the next four years.
We’ve given the green light to get headworks moving again on the stalled Kilgariff sub-division in Alice Springs.
The Country Liberals Government will utilise our skilled public service to help us deliver good policies in a sensible, considered, and evidence-based way.
Adam Giles
Chief Minister


  1. Funded in part by cuts to concessions taken away from your elders who are “NT seniors”. Yes, your family are the seniors, not the tourists you see they don’t live here, it is your Grandmother and Grandfather, your Aunty and your Uncle and for a lot of people it is your Mother and Father who are the seniors that the government is taking the money from.

  2. Gee that partnership with the Melbourne Football Club is looking like a winner for the NT brand and the brolga!


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