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Sister's government to turf out brother's council?

NT Health is planning a super clinic for Papunya and has told the MacDonnell Shire to move out of the the building the two organisations are currently sharing in the remote community.
The issue is delicate because the the shire President, Sid Anderson, is the brother of Alison Anderson, a front-bencher in the government that is turfing his council out. (Both are pictured at right.)
Spokesman Darren Pfitzner says the shire, at its meeting on Friday, is likely to authorise the clerk to find emergency accommodation, and to seek compensation from NT Health.
The shire is currently occupying just one-third of the building and has put money in its upkeep.
Dongas may be the fastest solution, says Mr Pfitzner.


  1. Shire councils were negotiating to obtain appropriate leases for land or buildings where they have interests.
    Does NT Health have a lease from Haasts Bluff Land Trust?
    Does MacDonnell Shire have a lease from Haasts Bluff Land Trust?
    Has anyone a lease for Papunya building from Haasts Bluff Land Trust?
    We are told leases need be obtained from the Haasts Bluff Land Trust through their agents the Central Land Council … so any leases obtained yet?

  2. Paul, the MacDonnell Shire Agenda for the meeting tomorrow records that “we were advised that NT Health had taken a lease over lot 224”. This means that NT Health do have a lease from Haasts Bluff Land Trust.

  3. The leases on all communities ran out in august this year. Why are the shires still operating in these communities? They are trespassing on Aboriginal land.

  4. Thanks, yes informative as usual, with pages 53 and 54 interesting reading on this topic:
    Until long term leases arranged for all buildings, for most serviced land available for planning, in most these communities, maintenance issues remain complicated, with reduced opportunity for developments.
    Such large expenses – by other than landowning corporate bodies, are not warranted without longer term leases.


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