LETTER: Online campaign against 'nosey' federal Attorney-General


Sir – We encourage concerned Australians to cc Nicola Roxon on their day to day emails, email traffic the federal government shouldn’t be monitoring and retaining.
We don’t want to crash government computer systems. But we do want to send a humourous but clear message to the Attorney-General that the government shouldn’t have their nose in the private business of either activists or the general public.
We have grave concerns that the data collected will be used by governments to monitor and hinder people undertaking legal protest. Similarly, the information could be used against journalists and whistle-blowers keeping governments to account. Generation Alpha demands that intelligence agencies, law enforcement officials and politicians respect the values of Australians by respecting our fundamental rights of privacy and political protest.
The lack of detail on data retention safeguards is concerning. This issue is essential as there will be large financial incentives for criminal gangs to hack personal information for the use of fraud, identity theft, human trafficking and other serious crime.
Nosey Nicola’s Email: nicola.roxon.mp@aph.gov.au
Generation Alpha: www.facebook.com/GenerationAlpha
Ben Pennings
Generation Alpha

The Minister replied:


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