LETTER: 50+1 old scholars’ reunion – Port Pirie High School


Sir – We reckon our fellow high school students might well have travelled some distance since we knew them. So, some of your readers might have had an association with South Australia’s Port Pirie High School in the years 1958-1961.
A reunion is being organised for students who finished year 11 at Port Pirie High School about 50 years ago. The organising group by-and-large entered PPHS in 1958 and left at the end of 1961.
The reunion will be held on Saturday 17th November, 2012 at the Alma Hotel in Norwood.
We look forward to hearing from anyone before Friday, November 2, who would like more information.
Richard Smith
margrich@senet.com.au or (08) 8353 0243
Ashleigh Allan
aallan20@optusnet.com.au or (08) 8338 6097


  1. Could you please advise on the whereabouts of an ex-teacher of yours, a Mr. Ashley Brydan.
    We were very good friends 50 years ago and I wish to thank him for saving my life on our way to Scouts at Crystal Brook in about 1955.


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