Mall traders like the idea of an events coordinator


Having an events and promotions coordinator for the CBD is supported by 23 out 25 Todd Mall businesses surveyed by the Town Council. Fifteen of those businesses said they would sit on a reference group to provide input. Ten would be prepared to pay a levy to support the position, while another four said “maybe”.
At left: A humble food van attracting customers during a recent night markets in the mall.
Asked for ideas on what kind of event or promotion would invigorate the CBD, they said: food and entertainment events including a food and wine expo, more evening markets, more interaction with Indigenous people, school holiday activities,  regular musical events, buskers, choirs and school musical groups, muzak, a tourist info booth, later opening hours,  advertisements about local businesses, and better planning around the positioning of shops and offices.
“Other comments” included rents being too expensive, more security needed, more unity among traders needed, and better marketing for businesses and events.
The survey was undertaken by officers after Councillor Eli Melky proposed that council employ an events and promotion coordinator, working in collaboration with a traders’ group.
Council will proceed to develop a business plan around this idea in readiness for its 2013-14 budget. It’s estimated that a full-time position and activities budget would cost in the order of $200,000 a year. One of the things council would look at is the way such a position overlaps with things already done in council. For example, the community projects officer already organises the Christmas Carnival and the four night markets.


  1. What makes a food van humble? With the loud paint scheme which yells “Here I am”. I would have thought that the van pictured was anything but humble. Or was your reporter referring to the menu such a van has?

  2. Robin, ‘humble’ was in reference only to the way the van adds life to the mall without an investment of public money. I have previously suggested that a privately operated icecream cart or pancake stall could help draw people other than restaurant patrons into the mall on a nightly basis.


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