LETTER: A lot of hassle for a litre of oil – motor home tourist won't spend any more money here.


I would like to award Centralian Motors the thumbs down for wasting a day of my holidays.
On reaching Alice after traveling from Port Macquarie checking the engine of my new Ford motorhome I noticed that the oil level was half way down the stick so set about to find the Ford dealer for what I thought would be the right oil.
Speaking to the service department [of Centralian Motors] I was told that they only had the oil in bulk and would need to book my van in for a service.
I explained that the service had only just been completed before setting out and all I needed was to top up the oil.
But “NO” – full service or nothing.
I left very irritated and rang Ford Australia. After thirty minutes on the phone at a cost still be received they rang through to the dealer who just completed the service in Port Macquarie, confirming that it had [been done].
I then rang Centralian Motors to negotiate a liter of oil for my van.
Hours later I was asked to return to Centralian to a very cold reception (funny considering it was 37 degrees) were I was made to wait until what seemed like the most inconvenient [arrangement] possible. I paid and left with a bad taste from what has been a pleasant holiday to date.
The oil is a special oil for turbo vehicles and not easily purchased.
I am sorry that I feel that it necessary to contact you on this matter as it left such a bad taste that I don’t wish to spend any further monies in a town [for which] clearly the dollar is more important than introducing and welcoming others to your area.
Jeff Bickley
[ED – We have asked Centralian Motors to provide a response and we will publish it when received.]


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