Alice houses marked as illicit drug premises


Three houses believed to be involved in the supply of drugs are now the subject of Drug Premises Orders following their identification during the recently completed Operation Caesar in Alice Springs.
Superintendent Brent Warren says police arrested several people and seized thousands of dollars worth of cash relating to drug offences in the town.
The application for Drug Premises Orders was part of an ongoing strategy by the Southern Substance Abuse Intelligence Desk (SAID) to target the supply of illicit substances from Alice Springs residences into remote communities.
“The SAID is a Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs funded initiative and works to gather intelligence on suppliers and criminal network and works closely with the Dog Operations Unit (DOU) to investigate drug dealing and substance abuse in the cross border region,” said Superintendent Warren.
“Three residences in Alice Springs now display Declared Drug Premises signs which give police broad powers to enter, search and seize evidence at these locations.
“The posting of these signs is yet another weapon in the armory for police against the scourge of drug dealing and should serve as a warning to offenders that police continue to treat these matters very seriously.
“Anybody with information about drug dealing is encouraged to ring Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or contact the local police station.  Information can be provided anonymously.”

Pictured: A Declared Drug Premises sign on the fence of a house in Palmer’s Camp, a town lease area Basso Road.


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