A tree in Siberia? Iceland? No, Neil Ross snapped these pictures on his rural block in Alice Springs, helping nature a bit by keeping his sprinkler on over night on Friday.
The current cold snap started on July 1 with zero degrees, followed by -1.7, -4.9, -4.3, -4, -4.4 and yesterday, -5.2 at 6.41am.
This morning it was -0.7 – we’re on the way back up!
The coldest day ever in Alice Springs – so far as records show – was July 17, 1976 when the thermometer dropped to minus 7.5 degrees.
If you want to be technical, the “terrestrial temperature” yesterday, measured at ground level, was minus 7 degrees.


  1. Thanks Neil (and Alice Springs News) Amazing photos. Overheard a visitor to Alice the other day on the phone to her granddaughter. The young girl asked, is it hot up there? Funny that’s the overall impression of Alice Springs even though it also gets so cold.

  2. Yes, we were living in Alice Springs at the time and our two boys were attending Ross Park School. It was so cold – but the images were amazing – the sprinklers were left on overnight on the ovals and there were icicles hanging down from the trees – all the cyclone fences were filled up with ice – they looked amazingly beautiful in the morning sunlight! Our children remember it vividly even now and can enjoy the spectacle once again with these images. Thanks once again. Lyn McGowran.


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