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Keep racist remarks off Facebook site, police officer appeals

The Facebook site Assist your local Alice Springs Police is “not about presenting racist remarks. It is about reducing the harm associated with crime and anti-social behaviour”.
This appeal comes from Police Senior Sergeant Michael Potts (picture from Facebook) who earlier this week was listed on the site as its administrator.
Sgt Potts said in a posting yesterday, apparently referring to the Alice Springs News Online report, posted on Tuesday: “Due to a recent news article and some posts / comments that have been written I wish to clear up some issues.
“Firstly I am not an Administrator for this site although I have asked to be put back as one to enable me to make this post.
“The Administration of this group is now in the hands of the community and has been this way for about a week.
“It is clear that some people are using this forum for their own agenda and not for the aims that the group was developed for.
“For this reason I have requested the Administrators to remove the capability of people to add their own posts. You will still be able to comment but the Administrators will control the posts or topics of discussion.
“I would like to thank those people that are promoting positive community involvement in this group and I would urge you to continue this. The information that you are providing is assisting your local police.
“It is important that you remember that if you witness any illegal activity then you should report it on 131444 or if an emergency 000.
“Some comments made by people on this group indicate that they possibly witnessed the behaviour of offenders before, during or after an event, observations that were not reported to police.
“This group has enabled those persons to be identified and to further enable the police to contact them to assist in investigations.”
The News has contacted Sgt Potts for further comment.


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