Action for Alice apologises for ‘racist’ ads on Imparja


Well known Indigenous singer and songwriter Warren H. Williams has settled a complaint against the Action for Alice Group for a series of advertisements ran last March by accepting their apology and the removal of the advertisements from broadcast and the internet. Shine Lawyers, in a media release, say they together with Human Rights and Cyber Racism expert George Newhouse launched the complaint against the Action for Alice Group and the local television station Imparja in the Australian Human Rights Commission in March. Mr Williams’ original complaint argued the advertisements were racist as they portrayed Aboriginals as criminals. “I am pleased that the Action for Alice Group has accepted that the advertisements were offensive to ordinary Aboriginals like me,” the release quotes Mr Williams. “The outcome we have negotiated means that the Action for Alice Group and Imparja have agreed not to publish or broadcast the advertisements ever again.”


  1. An excellent outcome. Let’s get on with uniting this town!!! There are many sensational people and even more sensational spirit to grow us forward so we can live in harmony and build this place for the present and future generations.


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